The Sounds of Subsumption

Sounds of Subsumption

As I previously pointed out in the Red Herrings and Inspiration post, music has been (and continues to be) a major source of inspiration for the entire Subsumption Series. Given the melodic muse’s importance, today’s blog will delve into how auditory artistry has affected the structure of my stories by referencing a few key examples. We’ll end the blog with an embedded Subsumption Series playlist offering 16+ hours of curated Spotify tunes. Continue reading “The Sounds of Subsumption”

Red Herrings and Inspiration


For the last three thousand years, the sentiment that “there’s nothing new under the sun” has been repeated ad nauseam. I tend to agree with the idea, but then again, I’m (also) a historian, so I’m intimately familiar with the source material. Regardless of what other writers create (or recreate, if that’s how you prefer to view things), the Subsumption Series stands on the shoulders of many intellectual giants. Continue reading “Red Herrings and Inspiration”

The Chosen One – Marcus Adams

Marcus Adams

No one is born knowing they’ll save the universe one day, but for Marcus Winthrop Adams, that’s the reality as he enters adulthood. For reasons the Federation has yet to disclose, Marcus is a human fulcrum capable of tipping the balance against the Confederation’s invasion. Whether this role is his true destiny or the result of alien manipulation is unclear; all Marcus can do is trust intuition and hope he’s making the right choices.

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