Continuing with the auditory theme of our last blog, I’m excited to announce the coming release of audiobooks for the three existing titles in the Subsumption Series! At the time of publishing this post, both Coverted and Disclosure are now finished; if you’re part of my mailing list, you already received early access to the files, also linked below. Subsumption is in the final phase of production and will be released exclusively on Amazon, Audible, and iTunes (though I plan to post a sample online just like I did for the ebook).

The spoken word is uniquely powerful for telling a story, and why I’m keeping today’s blog short—the recordings can speak for themselves. Below are the three ways to listen to the two completed titles (Coverted and Disclosure). But as a bonus, if you’d like to watch Subsumption narrated live on Discord, send me an email (but even if you can’t make it, I’ll post a link to the video after the production ends in late January 2021).

Listen to Coverted Now

To download the audiobook files for Coverted, click here. Alternatively, you can listen on YouTube with the player (and link) below:

Listen to the entire audiobook here: https://links.lucianopesci.com/CovertedPlaylist

Listen to Disclosure Now

To download the audiobook files for Disclosure, click here. Alternatively, you can listen on YouTube with the player (and link) below:

Listen to the entire audiobook here: https://links.lucianopesci.com/DisclosurePlaylist

While Amazon’s Whispersync technology will be enabled for pairing the Audible audiobook and Kindle ebook formats for the entire Subsumption Series, you can still read along to the recordings the old-fashioned way by downloading the ebooks (for free) for Coverted and Disclosure. Here are some additional details about the audiobooks …

Some Other Facts About the Audiobooks

  • Combined, the audiobooks for Coverted, Disclosure, and Subsumption have a collective runtime of over  20 hours
  • We used the Audiobook Creation Exchange (ACX) to find a narrator and received 55 voice auditions before selecting our boy Zachary Johnson
  • The top ten voice auditions were shared with a group of beta readers (technically, they should be called beta listeners). Zachary wasn’t part of the ten finalists because he submitted an audition after the list was created. However, his audition was so good that we shared it with the same betas, who unanimously picked him as their overall favorite
  • While Subsumption will be exclusive to Amazon, Audible, and iTunes (at least for 2021), Coverted and Disclosure will be distributed on a huge number of other platforms to help spread the word about the series
  • Production for Coverted began in November 2020 and ended in early December of the same year. This was quickly followed by Disclosure, which was completed by late December. Production on Subsumption began immediately and will wrap up by the end of January 2021
  • Some of the real-life individuals that characters are based on (like Brad, Che, Bill, and Jordan) submitted audio recordings of themselves talking so our narrator could modify his style to match their actual voices
  • Everyone (author and betas included) has commented on how strange it is to hear the characters come to life in the audiobooks, but everyone also agrees that Zachary has done an amazing job (especially with Brad’s and Roger’s voices)
  • The Subsumption support team has a betting pool that our audiobooks will prove to be the most popular format with our ideal reader type
  • For the audiophiles, Zachary used a Neumann TLM 102 microphone

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