A galactic war begins at dawn… so tonight they’re going to party like it’s 2020.

Marcus and crew are ready to put the terrible year behind them. But the New Year’s party ends once aliens arrive. They’re here to expose another group of ETs with plans to enslave Earth and explain why Marcus will be the key to humanity’s survival.


A galactic war begins at dawn … so tonight they’re going to party like it’s 2020.

Marcus is ready to put a terrible year behind him. The virus and social unrest made his first semester at University a memorable one for all the wrong reasons.

It’s New Year’s Eve and tomorrow, he’ll become a legal adult. So tonight, with his loved ones, they’ll race against the darkness to summon a brighter future.

But Marcus can’t shake the feeling that something is off. Maybe it’s conditioning, or maybe it’s the series of unwelcome guests pushing the party toward chaos. Underestimating his abilities, Marcus takes a step too far, forcing his family and friends to fight over his well-being as an unidentified object appears in the sky.

All celebration ends once an artificial intelligence discloses the arrival of friendly extraterrestrials sent to stop another alien force bent on enslaving the planet.

Now the galactic clock is ticking, and according to the AI, Marcus is the key to humanity’s defenses against the imminent invasion by these hostile outsiders.

Can an artificial emissary be trusted? Or are Marcus’s friends right to doubt the alien’s intentions? The world has changed irrevocably as zero day begins.

The party is over, and humanity is fighting for their lives.

Disclosure is a short story prequel to the Subsumption Series, a story about humanity’s pivotal position between two warring alien empires. If you enjoyed ArmadaSigns, and the Joe Rogan Experience, then Disclosure and the Subsumption Series is for you!

As the doomsday clock continues its countdown to the Confederation’s invasion, Marcus is running out of time to get his personal life in order.

Can he live up to his family’s idea of always moving forward? Or will he sink humanity’s chance to reach the stars? Either way, Marcus is learning what the Federation already knows: the ability to choose is the most powerful force in the universe.


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